We help student founders from day one

Our program supports 20 startups per year at ETH Zürich, EPFL and the University of St. Gallen. Apply to get CHF 25,000 in initial capital, coaching sessions with professional investors, and access a supportive student founder community.

All you need to apply is a co-founder and an idea.
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What student founders can expect when applying

  • Pass our selection process

    You go through a selection process that consists in 3 meetings with our student investors, leading to a selection decision.

  • Get a CHF 25,000 investment

    If selected, we wire you CHF 25,000 that you can use to pay your first business expenses and incorporate your company.

  • Access Workshops & Office Hours

    We then invite you to VC-related workshops and regular office hours with the investment team of Wingman Ventures.

  • Access our founder community

    You also receive an invite to a Slack group that includes all our student investors and dozens of student founders.

  • Use the Wingman brand

    Finally, you can add our logo on your website and pitch deck to show that you convinced a tier-one VC fund at a super early stage.

  • Wingman Campus Fund was the first VC that reached out to us when we had just started Adaptyv Bio at EPFL a few months earlier. When we joined Y Combinator, Wingman Campus Fund invested in us as well, and through them, we got in touch with Wingman Ventures who ended up leading our 2.5M pre-seed round.

    Julian Englert | EPFL Founder
  • Thanks to the Wingman Campus Fund investment, we were able to drive Sallea to the next level and incorporate the company. Additionally, we highly appreciated the professional support and guidance of the Wingman Ventures team in this first and valuable relationship with an investor.

    Nicole Kleger | ETH Zürich Founder
  • Rapidata received an investment from Wingman Campus Fund, and the experience has been great. The team has been uncomplicated and supportive, providing us with the resources and network to help us grow and scale our business.

    Jason Corkill | ETH Zürich Founder

How to start the selection process

Connect on LinkedIn with one of our student investors from your university or fill in the form below to start the selection process and be one of the 20 startups we support each year.

Swiss tech students needed more, we decided to build it.

Wingman Campus is a Swiss association founded by Wingman Ventures, the leading pre-seed VC fund in Switzerland, recognizing that more students should join the tech space, and more support should be directed at student founders.

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