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Our student program supports 15 founding teams per year at ETHZ, EPFL and HSG. Get CHF20,000 in initial capital, access to the best mentor pool in Switzerland, and more.

We review applications on a rolling basis.
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Swiss tech students needed more. We decided to build it.

Wingman Campus Fund was founded by Wingman Ventures, the leading pre-seed VC fund in Switzerland, recognizing that more students should join the tech space, and better support should be directed to student-led founding teams.

How we support founding teams

You can apply to our program anytime from the moment that your founding team is complete, until your pre-seed round. We support startups in the following ways.

  • A CHF20,000 investment

    We wire you CHF20,000 overnight with a simple two-pager contract

  • Awesome mentors

    We give you access to a mentor pool with the best startup founders in Switzerland.

  • Pre-seed investors

    We help you secure your pre-seed round with Wingman Ventures and other VCs.

  • A supportive community

    We invite you to a supportive community of students, startups and mentors.

  • The Wingman Brand

    We let you use our VC brand to give your startup more credibility early on.

  • Some More Perks

    We give you free credits and discounts for tech software and startup services.

Awesome mentors as a backbone

Some of the best operators in Switzerland joined our mentor pool to support the founding teams in the program. Most of them also write checks as angels.

Get our support, join our family

We support 15 founding teams per year at ETHZ, EPFL and HSG. If you are solving a massive problem, we want to hear your story and help you change the world.

Follow us around

We write a monthly newsletter for enthusiasts of our program. Read about our news and activities on Swiss campuses.

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