Helping students change the world

We are launching a 1-year track enabling students at ETHZ, EPFL and HSG to learn about venture capital and invest in startups on their campus. Join an outstanding student community, gain skills and kickstart your career in tech or VC.

Applications open until Thursday, May 27th.
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Irina-Madalina Bejan

"I always kept an eye on the world of entrepreneurship, reading and listening to serial entrepreneurs and VC stories - but when I was working on my own startup, I realized there is much more to be learned by doing rather than watching others doing it. I see this experience as invaluable for me as either a future founder or VC, which are paths I am driven to pursue."

Managing Partner︱EPFL

Bringing three universities ever closer.

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Swiss student entrepreneurs needed more. We decided to build it.

Wingman Campus Fund was built by Wingman Ventures, the leading pre-seed VC fund in Switzerland. Located in a country with two top-20 universities in the world and a leading business school, we decided to support student founders by launching a student-run VC fund investing in 15 startups per year at ETHZ, EPFL and HSG.

Access to venture capital remains unequal. We decided to change it.

We recognized that Wingman Ventures' platform and resources could be leveraged to enable new students from every gender, race, and social background to start their own company or break into the venture capital industry. Wingman Campus Fund is our answer to lead the fight for diversity in the tech industry.

Our student family

We are volunteers from ETHZ, EPFL and HSG passionate about tech and supporting the startups on our campus. We come from all walks of life and are based all over Switzerland.

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    Edouard Treccani
    HQ Team

    Wingman Ventures, MassChallenge Switzerland.

  • Nelson removebg preview
    Nelson Zürcher
    Head of Operations | HQ Team

    EPFL Entrepreneur Club, Procsim, Junior Entreprise EPFL.

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    David Yenicelik
    Managing Partner︱ETHZ

    Swissloop, SkillLab, Alchemist Accelerator.

  • Irina removebg preview
    Irina-Madalina Bejan
    Managing Partner︱EPFL

    Google, Girls Who Code, EPFL Entrepreneur Club.

  • Eric removebg preview
    Eric Piolot
    Managing Partner︱HSG

    First Momentum Ventures, Wharton Alumni Angels, START Global.

We're looking for 20 outstanding students to manage the Fund

Our 1-year program will select up to 20 students from ETHZ, EPFL and HSG, teach them about venture capital and enable them to invest in startups from their campus starting in September 2021. Apply until Thursday, May 27th.

  • Meet outstanding peers

    Our students are in the tech space for the long haul.

  • Gain skills

    The program trains you to become a VC investor in practice.

  • Kickstart your career

    The experience gives you an edge to break into tech or VC.

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