Swiss campuses have so much talent, it is time to unlock it

At Wingman Campus Fund, we educate students and support entrepreneurs to disrupt the startup culture on campuses, produce the next generation of tech leaders, and create more value for society. 

We review applications on a rolling basis.
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Our mission: equalizing access to startups and venture capital.

We recognized that the platform and experience of Wingman Ventures could be leveraged to help students from all backgrounds, genders and ethnicities to found their startup or join venture capital. This program is our contribution to a more equal tech industry.

Training the tech leaders of tomorrow

At the helm of the program, are exceptional students supporting entrepreneurs on their campus and receiving training in tech and venture capital.

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    Nelson Zürcher
    Head of Operations

    EPFL Entrepreneur Club, Procsim, Junior Entreprise EPFL.

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    David Yenicelik
    Managing Partner

    SkillLab, Swissloop, Alchemist Accelerator.

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    Irina-Madalina Bejan
    Managing Partner

    Google, Girls Who Code, EPFL Entrepreneur Club.

  • Eric removebg preview
    Eric Piolot
    Managing Partner

    First Momentum Ventures, Wharton Alumni Angels, Scalable Capital.

  • 1a12ef04 fb23 4336 8f82 305b309d111e removebg preview
    Anaïs Berkes

    Archlet, Network of Women in Computer Science, ETH VIS.

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    Christian Cadisch

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Swiss Sequoia Club.

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    Julinka Waesche

    Emerald Technology Ventures, Monocle, Hermès.

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    Matteo Guscetti

    Boston Consulting Group, Global Shapers.

  • C78f4c8b 86e3 48a5 9000 988c045776b0 removebg preview
    Rayan Armani

    SOSV HAX, Voliro, HKUST Robotics Team.

  • Elif removebg preview
    Elif Dayi

    EPFL, Paul Scherrer Institute, Imperial College London.

  • F2ba3b0f a71d 4e29 ae80 7ebbbf1bbc26 removebg preview
    Janes Spranger

    Eaternity, Model WTO, PIECES.

  • 016b5c5a 456b 4049 a091 f40d70a26d96 removebg preview
    Kevin Qiu

    Tesla, Carbon, Lyft, Nuro, Nomagic.

  • 5b951e77 e902 4132 ab46 71a6a515ec03 removebg preview
    Vinitra Swamy

    Microsoft AI, UC Berkeley,

  • 7e588d41 62c8 4e70 91cd 6ae4555364d3 removebg preview
    Angela Li

    SoftBank China, Bain & Company, Bank Of China.

  • A9523976 bddf 4179 9583 610e49c4491c removebg preview
    Céline Meier

    Bain & Company, Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen, Credit Suisse.

  • 80a08dd3 7c66 4ea2 a458 ca551dc31189 removebg preview
    Sophia Göppinger

    Roche, TheVentureCity, Transparent Intelligence.

  • Profilfoto cropped removebg preview
    Timoteo Solèr

    ASIF Ventures, ACT Commodities.

  • Tobias gehrig 016 bearbeitet removebg preview
    Tobias Gehrig

    UBS, START Global.

Awesome mentors as a backbone

Some of the best European investors joined our program to mentor the students and help change the startup culture on campuses.

Apply to our 1-year fellowship

We accept students on a rolling basis. If you are passionate about technology, and your motives are right, we want to hear your story and help you become a tech leader.

  • Become the best version of yourself

    You will gain the skills and network to lead as founder or VC investor.

  • Change the startup culture of your campus

    You will find and select the founding teams that our program supports.

  • Live an unforgettable experience

    You will make lifelong friends and share unforgettable moments.