Learn and practice the fundamentals of VC investing

Leveraging Wingman Ventures, we built a program that demystifies VC and trains the next generation of tech leaders at ETH Zürich, EPFL and the University of St. Gallen. In 2 semesters, you will learn the fundamentals of VC investing while supporting the startups of your university.

We review the student applications in July and January each year.
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A structured program with real impact and responsibilities at its core

For 2 semesters, you will be responsible to help us select the 20 startups that the program supports every year. You'll spend an average of 6 hours per week meeting student founders on your campus, attending tech events, connecting with research labs, writing memos, discussing with your VC mentors, in close collaboration with your team. The program is supported by the best European VC funds.

Learnings that fully equip students to join VC funds and startups

The hard and soft skills that you will learn during the 2 semesters, the people you will meet, and the Wingman brand, will give you a decisive headstart in the tech space. Upon completion, our student investors went on to secure roles in VC funds such as Wingman Ventures, Northzone, Speedinvest, Creandum, HV Capital, join iconic startups and found startups of their own.

  • Wingman Campus Fund has been a game-changer for me as an aspiring founder. Being on the other side of the table and mentored by top VCs in the industry has enabled me to gain valuable insights into the investor mindset, and how to build top-tier teams and products. This is the most formative and hands-on program on campus for anyone looking to dive into entrepreneurship.

    Irina Bejan | M.Sc. Data Science @ EPFL
  • I initially applied to Wingman Campus Fund to get a practical insight into both early-stage Venture Capital and the entrepreneurial landscape in Switzerland. Ultimately, the practical skills I acquired as well as the mentorship program, helped me land an internship in Venture Capital at Speedinvest within their SaaS & Infrastructure Investment Team.

    Odin Hoffmann | M.A. Accounting and Finance @ HSG
  • I joined Wingman Campus Fund to immerse myself in the world of entrepreneurship and to gain hands-on experience in venture capital. Being part of the program allowed me to meet and work with inspiring students and founders, taught me how to identify and assess investment opportunities, and gave me a chance to learn directly from industry experts.

    Angéline Pouget | M.Sc. Data Science @ ETHZ

Tight-knit students aiming to make their mark on the space

The strongest asset of the program is our student investor team. Each student has a singular story and intends to make a mark on the space as a future VC investor, founder or operator. You will build meaningful friendships and grow alongside them. Meet our alumni student investors here.

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    Aashna Majmudar
    Managing Partner | ETHZ

    Swissloop Tunneling, ETH Entrepreneur Club, DeepJudge

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    Kenneth Lee
    Managing Partner | EPFL

    Oxford University, HKSTP Capital.

  • Johannes
    Johannes Hausmann
    Managing Partner | HSG

    HPE Growth, Futury Capital, Amazon.

  • Eric
    Eric Bottinelli
    Partner | ETHZ

    ETH Entrepreneur Club, Deutsche Bank.

  • Margaux
    Margaux Kobelt
    Partner | ETHZ

    NexMR, Max Planck Society, Stanford.

  • Max
    Maximilian Harl
    Partner | ETHZ

    Goldman Sachs, TUM, Generation-D.

  • Michela
    Michela Keller
    Partner | ETHZ

    Grape Health.

  • Richard removebg preview
    Richard von der Horst
    Partner | ETHZ

    Celonis, ETH Juniors, Occident Ventures.

  • Alberto
    Alberto Centonze
    Partner | EPFL

    Gelato Network, Paladin Protocol, EPFL Blockchain Student Association.

  • Antoine
    Antoine Munier
    Partner | EPFL

    Pretto, Junior Entreprise EPFL, EPFL Racing Team.

  • Darius
    Darius Foodeei
    Partner | EPFL

    Honey Labs, Trader Joe, EPFL Blockchain Student Association.

  • 1676837350419 removebg preview
    Eléonore Hyeyoung Sun
    Partner | EPFL

    Swisspreneur, Western Australia Health, CHUV.

  • Jeanne
    Jeanne Allocio
    Partner | EPFL


  • Elvan
    Elvan Konukseven
    Trainee | EPFL

    EPFL Entrepreneur Club, EPFL Changemakers.

  • Berit removebg preview
    Berit Schrader
    Partner | HSG

    Bank of America, PwC, Consulting Club HSG.

  • Leon
    Leon Iwanowitsch
    Partner | HSG

    Yttrium, 360X, START Global, PEVC Club.

  • Teresa removebg preview
    Teresa Urban
    Partner | HSG

    Morgan Stanley, Accenture, Consulting Club HSG.

We look for singular stories and a genuine passion for tech

Fill in the form below to apply to join the program in Spring or Fall. The program requires a commitment of 6 hours per week for 2 semesters. To learn more about how it works, connect with our student investors on LinkedIn and ask about their experiences.