Swiss campuses have so much talent, it is time to unlock it

At Wingman Campus Fund, we educate students and support entrepreneurs to disrupt the startup culture on campuses, produce the next generation of tech leaders, and create more value for society. 

The application call will re-open soon.
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Our mission: equalizing access to startups and venture capital.

We recognized that the platform and experience of Wingman Ventures could be leveraged to help students from all backgrounds, genders and ethnicities to found their startup or join venture capital. This program is our contribution to a more equal tech industry.

Training the tech leaders of tomorrow

At the helm of the program, are exceptional students supporting entrepreneurs on their campus and receiving training in tech and venture capital. Find our alumni community here.

  • Ang
    Angéline Pouget
    Managing Partner

    McKinsey & Company, IBM, Goldman Sachs.

  • Jer
    Jeremy Osih
    Managing Partner

    WEF Global Shaper, EPFL Entrepreneur Club, Uzufly.

  • Portrait alena neun
    Alena Neun
    Managing Partner

    Razor Group, alphin, Porsche Consulting, Ferrero.

  • Jonas derissen
    Jonas Derissen

    ETH Entrepreneur Club, Throne.

  • Keziah removebg preview
    Keziah Johnson

    New York University, International Renewable Energy Agency.

  • Mar (1)
    Mariia Eremeeva

    ETH Entrepreneur Club, Accenture.

  • 1516539954870 removebg preview
    Nicolas Kubista

    McKinsey & Company, Moonfare,
    Goldman Sachs.

  • Wcf2 removebg removebg preview
    Samuel Pfisterer

    Apeiron Investment Group.

  • Vivian he
    Vivian He

    Boston Consulting Group, Graduate Consulting Club, Georg Fischer.

  • Andreea nica
    Andreea Nica


  • Img 4997 removebg preview
    Kareen Fallaha

    UBS, Murex, GE Power.

  • D1223cff 5aca 426d 963d c3656dd6f3a8 removebg preview
    Kenneth Lee

    University of Oxford, HKSTP Capital.

  • 8baf7a8c 77f0 4941 b899 118c1287840e removebg preview
    Maxime Baube


  • Ferrissemiya removebg preview
    Miya Ferrise

    STIL, TEDx.

  • Profile photo linkedin min removebg preview
    Ivan Kamenov

    Root Global, START Global, Basilea Pharmaceutics.

  • Natalie removebg preview
    Natalie Baumer

    McKinsey & Company, Waterland PE,

  • Nelson removebg preview (1)
    Nelson Zürcher
    Head of Operations

    Wingman Ventures, EPFL Entrepreneur Club.

  • Eric removebg preview
    Eric Piolot
    Head of Partnerships

    Wingman Ventures, Daedalus, Hive, Scalable Capital.

Awesome mentors as a backbone

Some of the best European investors joined our program to mentor the students and help change the startup culture on campuses.

Apply to our 1-year Partner program

We select up to 15 students per semester and review applications on a rolling basis. Our interview process starts at the end of the academic semesters.

  • Select the startups that our program supports

    You will learn how VC functions and help us build our portfolio.

  • Gain skills and kickstart your tech career

    You will gain the skills and network to join a VC fund or startup.

  • Build deep friendships with your teammates

    You will meet peer students who share a passion for tech.